Operating instruction


Before using the CosyRoast the grid must be inserted in the CosyRoast.
The CosyRoast is only to be used with an inserted grid.


The outside of the bowl can be cleaned with water and a brush. After washing, the CosyRoast must be completely dried before being used again. The interior requires no cleaning, fire black and grease are usually removed by the heat generated during firing.

The frying pan supplied can simply be washed in washing up liquid or placed in the dishwasher.

Safety instructions

The CosyRoast must only be operated outdoors on a flat, non-inflammable and safe set-up area. The same applies when used in conjunction with the optional stand. In the case of naked flame, for example as generated by the burning of wood, no flammable objects must be within 2 metres.

The exterior of the CosyRoast becomes hot during operation. It is only to be moved if heat-resistant gloves are worn.

Under no circumstances should you use liquid fire accelerator. If it penetrates the ceramic material it could ignite and cause the ceramics to fracture. Furthermore, it can lead to injury and deflagration.

Never extinguish the hot CosyRoast with water. This could lead to fracture caused by excessive stress. Allow the CosyRoast to go out by itself or extinguish, if necessary, with sand.

Please do not blow onto the fuel from above, as embers could be blown outside through the lower ventilation holes.

Do not use a wet CosyRoast.

A CosyRoast with damaged bowl is not to be used.

Never leave children play unsupervised with the CosyRoast.

Status 10-2012

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